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5 Cool Facts about Shopping in Virtual Reality

Posted date: July 20, 2017 blog/informative/questions-about-vr-shopping.html

Online shopping is not a novelty it once was. Now, anything you see on the Internet can be delivered to your door in a click of a button. However, there have been some pretty amazing advancements in the field suggesting that the next big development in purchasing online is here. It's virtual reality shopping. Read on to find out more! 1. How did it start? While Amazon is a little behind, a big Chinese trade platform Alibaba has already started to embrace the future. In 2016, they have created a virtual experience Buy+. It allow...

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4 Tips on Gap Year Travel Packing

Posted date: July 17, 2017 blog/travels/gap-year-travel-packing.html

Taking a year off your studies is a great way to learn more about yourself and the world, as well as get ready for adult life. However, considering the fact that most people go backpacking and need to be careful about their luggage, the issue of gathering you luggage correctly is a pertinent one. Here are a couple of traveling tips that will help you travel safely and without sore limbs and aching back. 1. Buy a good backpack Buy a high quality backpack before taking a gap year. It does not have to be expensive, though good act...

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Step Forward to Creativity: How to Improve Art Skills?

Posted date: July 13, 2017 blog/create/find-inspiration-to-paint-and-draw.html

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a famous artist who would amaze people with astonishing artworks; or maybe you have even tried looking for some career in the sphere of art? You might as well be an amateur artist who just wants to create something memorable. So, we have provided a list of ideas on where to find inspiration and how to develop your basic drawing skills. Never stop practicing. The saying, "Practice makes perfect" truly works, especially in case of painting or drawing. Even though you can't paint or draw perfectly...

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Essay Writing Tips

Posted date: July 10, 2017 blog/tips-for-students/essay-writing-tips.html

Either if you are a student or if you are just about to embark on this journey of studentship, you need to know how to write an essay. The majority of students claim that writing essays is one of the most challenging tasks they have ever encountered. So, what makes students' faces grimace with pain when it comes to academic writing? Surprisingly, in most cases, it is not the task that is difficult, but rather ubiquitous students' habit to procrastinate every single activity that is required of them. If you find yourself constantly struggling...

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Life after College: How to Find First Job

Posted date: July 06, 2017 blog/students-life/tips-for-the-graduates-on-post-college-job.html

Now that you are about to become a graduate, it is high time for you to learn some useful tips on getting the first post college job. Your first job is really important, since it is the first stage of the career development. Be smart - well, we will assist! Life vs Work - Yes, your first job is a huge paradigm shift in your life, your schedule and your time. Employers expect devotion. Make sure you know how to balance your life issues, problems and dilemmas with working hours and expected performance. ...

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